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"Therefore, since through God’s mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart."

(2 Corinthians 4:1)


BPC is a place where you can connect with God and be encouraged by the truth of Holy Scripture. If you want to learn more about God or get connected to the church, there are a variety of ministries and resources that you can connect with!


As a church, we place great value on the younger generation. We believe that the youth of the Christian community will be the future church and societal leaders of the Christian faith. We provide Sunday school for children of all ages in order to shape them into the adults God intends them to be. There are classes for seniors, juniors, intermediate students, and novices. We are blessed with a team of gifted Sunday School teachers who are committed to teaching the Word of God and transforming the lives of young people.


God-given talents and gifts of the youths will never be ignored. On the second Sunday of every month, a youth meeting is held to encourage church youth and elders to participate in programmes and use the platform for the Lord's service. This is done in order to foster a profound love and understanding of the Lord in the youth, so that they will be blessed in the future. To achieve the goal of empowering youth to become the best Christian warriors for Christ, a variety of programmes, including Bible quizzes, Bible references, story-telling, and speeches, are delivered.

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The ladies' ministry is a tremendous ministry led by the church's delightful sisters. A monthly ladies' meeting is also held on the second Sunday of every month, following the Sunday service. All the women of God gather in His presence to pray and worship for the revival of the nation. This ministry greatly strengthens the faith and Christian walk of our female believers. It is a wonderful opportunity for them to spend time with one another and the Lord. While the sisters are engaged in prayer, the church's brothers are engaged in street ministry. They spread the gospel by distributing tracts to numerous homes, area residents, and the surrounding community.


Worship shapes and defines our identity as humans, our purpose in the world, and our relationship with God and others. As we worship God, he transforms us into his likeness so that we may reflect his love, power, and grace to the world. When we gather as a community for worship, we rely on and draw from the traditions of those who came before us. Through worship, we remember what binds us together and are sent out into the world as God's beloved and redeemed people, inviting others into the narrative that God is writing in and through creation. At Christ Church, we believe that worship is central to both who we are and what we do. The message of the Bible and the record of history demonstrate that God loves us; worship is simply loving God in return.

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